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Welcome to Plasindo Prima

Plastic Manufacturing Company 
Based in Indonesia
Est. 2002

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Plasindo Prima In Brief

Plasindo Prima is the leading rigid plastic manufacturing company in Indonesia, offering innovative packaging, components and total precision solutions for the local and export markets. With production facilities in Indonesia , we cater to a diverse mix of companies and industries. We provide high quality plastic packaging for food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, lubricants as well as bottle crates, and precision plastic components for the automotive, home electrical appliances, consumer goods, electronics and computer industries.


The urgency of protecting the world's forests cannot be stressed enough. We will not solve the climate change crisis unless we take immediate action to protect them. We simply cannot do it without them. Forests are magnificent places; for some, they are home, for others they are where we play, and for many they are a source of solace and inspiration.We always use Eco-Friendly material and equipment where as possible.

High Quality

We believe quality is the very most important aspect of our products. We set a high standard of quality for our products and therefore, we always equip our machines with the latest technology, as well as, having experienced QCs to monitor any deficiencies in the quality. 


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